Mission Statement

The Mission of Damian Family Care Centers is to:

Improve the health status of our patients;

Provide staff who are culturally sensitive and appropriately credentialed to diagnose and treat our patients;

Provide care to underserved populations;

Provide safe, quality primary and specialty services regardless of language, cultural barriers or ability to pay.

Value Statement


Damian’s mission is to provide its patients with the best possible service. Helping patients is our primary purpose. Our employees strive to treat patients in a respectful and professional manner with the same common courtesy that they would expect in their own healthcare experiences.


Damian works collaboratively with our partners through our collective strengths and shared visions for the benefit of out mutual patients. Damian meets the needs of its partners for both operational and clinical regulatory requirements through consistent and efficient lines of communication.


Damian is a highly successful organization with dedicated people working together as a team. Damian provides a pleasant workplace with competitive pay and benefits. Everyone associated with Damian strives to make the organization a leader in its field through a culture of mutual trust, open communication and commitment.


Damian's Leadership